The Way of the Hive: #bookstagram Book Review

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The Way of the Hive

What is better than an informational book? An informational book that is also a graphic novel!!!

I learned a TON about bees from The Way of the Hive.

Now, I’ve recently read a lot about bees. Especially as I’ve been teaching my PreK and Kinders have been learning about how the world works through nature.

And I thought that I knew everything there was to know about bees.


And for kids who really love nature or insects, they’ll love this book!

It is informative AND action packed.

I really like how it provides information about bees from the point of view of a bee.

And all that it does to be part of the hive. Every job is necessary to make the hive thrive.

And it was so much fun to see all of the other creatures the bee ran into during it’s pollination adventures.

Lesson Ideas for The Way of the Hive

Before reading this book, students could collect background knowledge about Honeybees or Bumblebees from PebbleGo or BrainPOP.

While reading, once students get to the part about pollinating, they could go on a Honeybee Virtual Field Trip. I have to tell you, my students (even PreK) love this virtual field trip!

After reading, students could:

  • Use Canva to make an infographic about honey bees.
  • Make an informative slideshow. Slides Carnival and Slides Mania have awesome templates!
  • Create an animation with the app Toontastic!
  • Make a paper stop motion movie.
  • Create a 3DBear augmented video!

You’re probably wondering about the spelling on honey bee. Honestly, I’ve seen it spelled both ways. Honey Bee. Honeybee. Webster’s says one word. The insect database says two. What ever works for you!