Third Grade Research Graphic Organizers


Teach Third Graders to Independently Organize their Research Notes AND Cite Sources.

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How do we introduce note taking and citation and meet the diverse needs of Third Graders? This Standards Based Lesson provides graphic organizers that support any level of a researcher’s budding curiosity while also encouraging emerging citation skills. 

These note taking sheets meet students’ diverse needs. While researching, students can draw diagrams and take notes. They help scaffold the note taking process for students by helping them identify a number of facts to collect. This also helps us teachers differentiate for our students; identifying which students can successfully record 3, 4, or more research notes. 

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This resource includes:

  • Standards Based Lesson that outlines step-by-step how to teach Second Graders to research. ISTE Standards used in this lesson.
  • 8 Styles of Graphic Organizers → Students can draw and write notes, or take handwritten notes. 
  • There are 24 graphic organizers in all. Each introduces students to citing their sources. One version requires students to write in their source. Another has sources listed for students to check off. Another has space for you to provide sources for students to choose from.
  • Multiple ways to differentiate → You can differentiate for students based on their writing and organizational abilities. Students can self differentiate and choose a note-taking sheet that best meets their needs. 
  • Examples of student use are provided to give you and students an idea of what third grade note taking can look like in different forms. 
  • 2 Options to take notes → Print or digital. Digital formats work well with Google Slides™, Seesaw, and PicCollage.
  • Detailed directions are included to explain how to use each digital option.