An Equal Shot: #bookstagram Book Review

An Equal Shot

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I didn’t know how Title IX actually came to be until I read An Equal Shot!

This book does such a great job illustrating with images and words how Title IX came to be.

It lays out the history of how women were forgotten about in the constitution. And because of this, they didn’t have equal rights. Not at work. Not in sports. Not at the polls.

And then that began to change as a number of particular women worked towards Title IX. For a time when it was on paper, and legally deemed, to give women equality and the same opportunities as men.

But do you know what I find particularly appealing about this book?

It presents a complex topic and historical event in a completely developmentally appropriate way.

Most informational books like these are jam-packed with words. Making it difficult for elementary readers to access the important information.

An Equal Shot is accessible to young readers. Even our youngest readers can access the info during a read aloud.

Lesson Ideas for An Equal Shot

Have students research the women in the book that helped make Title IX what it is today.

  • PebbleGo has biographies about Shirley Chisholm and Patsy Mink. A great opportunity to learn about 2 of the women behind Title IX.
  • BrainPOP has videos about Women’s Suffrage, the US Constitution, and Voting Rights. These are a great way for students to go further with their learning about Title IX.

Students can debate if Title IX actually worked and if there has been progress since it passed.