Dinovember Activities


Let’s make Dinovember an unforgettable adventure for students, where they’ll learn, grow, and roar with excitement! This resource includes makerspace, engineering, and design prompts for each lesson, giving students opportunities to explore hands-on learning. Plus, we’ve got you covered with no-prep sub plans for two captivating books that work across all grade levels. With just a quick print and some basic instructions, you can ensure learning continues seamlessly in your absence.

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Products Included in this Bundle:


Bring creativity, engagement, and excitement to learning! Dinovember activities transform your learning space into a prehistoric playground. Keeping kids engaged during the cooler fall months can be tricky. Dinovember is the best way to teach skills and capture imaginations. Dinovember will be an unforgettable experience for your learners with a wide range of age-appropriate lessons and hands-on activities. Say goodbye to dull days and embrace Dinovember’s adventure!

The Dinovember activities resource is brimming with exciting resources to ignite curiosity and learning among elementary students. For the youngest learners in Pre-K-K, there are engaging Dinosaur Read-Aloud Lessons that introduce them to the world of dinosaurs through captivating stories. For some active fun, the dinosaur poem gets kids up, moving, and rhyming. The Dinosaur coloring sheets spark creativity and enhance fine motor skills as students complete speech bubbles with their own dinosaur tales.

Moving up to grades 1st-3rd, our Dino yoga cards allow students to build their own dinosaur-inspired yoga sequences, promoting physical activity and mindfulness. The Dino coding mats challenge young minds to cut and paste arrows to code a path for the dinosaurs. This introduces them to programming in an accessible way.

For 4th-6th graders, our Dinovember packet features Dino tongue twisters to encourage wordplay and boost language skills. The Dino guessing game can be played with the whole class, in small groups, or with partners, fostering collaboration and critical thinking. Each lesson plan also includes writing prompts, supporting a deeper exploration of the read-aloud material.


AFTER downloading this resource you’ll get:

Dinosaur Read-Aloud Lesson for PreK-K

🦕Fun Dinosaur poem that gets kids up, moving, & rhyming

🦕Dinosaur coloring sheets with speech bubbles to practice fine motor skills

🦕Dino charades cards for young learners to act out & guess different dinosaurs – print & laminate for repeated use

🦕Dino memory cards for young learners to test their memory skills – print & laminate for repeated use

Dinosaur Read-Aloud Lesson for 1st-3rd

🦕Dino yoga cards – students to build and execute their own dinosaur inspired yoga sequence

🦕Dino coding mats – students cut & paste arrows to code a path for the dinosaurs

Dinosaur Read-Aloud Lesson for 4th-6th

🦕Dino tongue twisters – encourage word play with older learners

🦕 Dino guessing game – great to play as a whole group, small group, or with partners

🦕 Writing prompt to support one of the read-alouds

Additional makerspace, or engineering & design prompts for each lesson plan

No-prep sub plans for 2 different books that can be used with ALL grades

🦕 Each book is highly engaging learners of all ages & encourages students to participate in the engineering and design process

🦕Just print the plan for the book you want to use, check off the activities that should get done while you’re absent, and leave any necessary materials.