Coding Word Wall


Use these coding vocabulary cards to teach and reinforce coding and computational thinking while having fun!

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Help your students master important vocabulary terms! Students love to code and need to acquire computer science terms to master computer science. 

If you teach coding or computer science to elementary students, you know how necessary but tricky learning coding vocabulary is. Robotics and coding games are incredibly engaging: students are creating algorithms, loops, conditionals, changing variables, and debugging in real time to make a bot or character do what they want.  

To demonstrate true understanding of coding, students also need to name what they are doing.  When they can name it, they then make more deliberate programming decisions. After downloading this resource you will receive 15 pages filled with coding vocabulary cards for elementary students to deepen their computational thinking.

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This resource includes: 

  • 10 coding terms for your word wall: algorithm, code, command, conditional, function, loop, program, run, variable
  • 20 card matching game → match the coding term to the definition
  • 1 poster → shows the term with a visual representation
  • Editable cards to add your own coding vocabulary