Introduction to Citation Activities


After engaging with these citation activities, students will become citation experts! Are you tired of fielding questions from your students about the purpose of creating bibliographies or trying to make them grasp that just because information is on the internet doesn’t grant them carte blanche to use it as they please? 

This lesson can be used with grades 2 – 5, and can be spread out over 1-3 days depending on your needs and available time.

One of the suggested resources requires a BrainPOP subscription. If you do not have one, please use the alternative handout that does not include BrainPOP.

One of the suggested resources is a Blooket. You can learn more about this FREE tool here.



Products Included in this Bundle:


As an educator, you understand the critical role citation skills play in fostering academic integrity, proper research, and responsible digital citizenship. By integrating these citation activities into your teaching, you’ll empower students to navigate the vast sea of information online while instilling in them the importance of crediting sources. In today’s information age, equipping your students with strong citation skills is essential for their academic success and ethical development.

Don’t miss out on this all-inclusive resource that transforms how your students perceive and engage with citations! 

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As an educator who teaches research and citation skills, this lesson includes:

  • Standards Based lesson that outlines how to teach citations. Standards listed below. 
  • Student Handouts that give students choice in learning about citations→ Print & Digital. 
    • Print handouts include QR Codes for students to scan to access citation information. 
    • Digital handouts include live links for students to click to access citation information. 
  • Recording Sheet for students to take notes on what citations are→ Print & Digital.
    • Print recording sheets include 2 options for you to choose from. 
    • Digital recording sheet allows students to take notes right on their device. 
    • There’s an example of a completed recording sheet.This is a great teacher’s guide.
  • Sorting Activity for students to sort why we cite sources and what is included in a citation. 
    • Printable sort is great for a cut & paste assignment or you can laminate them for repeated use.
    • Digital sort is available in Google Slides. 
  • Worksheet for students to circle why we cite and what is included in a citation. This is great to use as an assessment tool
  • Citation Google Form that can be used as a teaching tool for students to learn what a citation is. Can also be used as an assessment tool. 
  • Citation Blooket (game) that can be used as a teaching tool to learn what a citation is or as an assessment tool
  • Citation Poster / Anchor Chart that can be printed and laminated to teach & remind students what citations are.
  • Self-paced student activity available for Google Slides. Students can work through the entire assignment at their own pace.



AASL: Ethically using and reproducing others’ work. 2. Acknowledging authorship and demonstrating respect for the intellectual property of others.

ISTE: Students demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the rights and obligations of using and sharing intellectual property.

CSTA: Use public domain or creative commons media, and refrain from copying or using material created by others without permission.