Wild Survival Crocodile Rescue: #bookstagram Book Review

Wild Survival Crocodile Rescue

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Wild Survival Crocodile Rescue is quickly becoming my students’ newest favorite book!

This book is the first in the new Wild Survival series. And it promises to be a highly adventurous series that kids will LOVE!

So far, I have read the prologue and first chapter to my first and second graders. They are hanging on every word. They cannot wait to read more!

Wild Survival has that high adventure feel of the I Survived series but with a readability better suited to younger readers. Although, honestly, I could see my 3rd, 4th & 5th graders devouring this series once I get it on our shelves.

Here are the highlights of what I love about this book and that I also think make it highly appealing to my students.

  • The prologue is an excellent hook. By far, one of the best openings that I’ve read in a long time!
  • It’s about rescuing an apex predator. Kids are fascinated by apex predators and crocodiles are one of the only living dinosaurs around today!
  • The family has a YouTube channel that did so well that they have now been offered a TV Show. Kids LOVE this!
  • It’s told from the youngest’s point of view. I like this because it’s a strong young female character!
  • There are great illustrations and information about the wildlife that is mentioned in the book. We are all learning something about different plants and animals from reading this book.
  • The family runs an animal sanctuary. So their job is to rescue and rehabilitate animals. Which is how they end up going off to rescue this crocodile.
  • The family heads to Cuba to rescue the crocodile. While reading, you get a taste of what Cuban wildlife and nature is like.
  • I love that one of the children is adopted (one of my sister’s is adopted). And the family speaks Spanish!

Teaching Ideas for Crocodile Rescue

This book provides a bunch of research opportunities! After reading a chapter, we hop onto our PebbleGo or Scholastic databases to do some quick research.

I let the kids choose what they want to learn more about.

For example, after reading the Prologue and Chapter 1, they could either research Cuba or crocodiles. Can I tell you how fascinated they are by what they learn? And can I also say how that they then want to learn more about others places and animals just from that research?

I also like having the opportunity to connect this book to some authentic research. It lets me teach them how to record their source and take notes through writing an pictures!