Windows of the World—Paperless Activities


Ready to bring the world into your library or classroom and ignite curiosity? Enhance your teaching toolkit with Windows of the World. Download the preview to see what’s included and start your students on a journey of discovery and learning that they’ll never forget.

After downloading, immediately start exploring the world with your students!

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Are you struggling to engage your students with the wonders of the world beyond their neighborhood? Imagine captivating their curiosity with real-time views of real people’s windows around the globe, right from your screen! Explore the world with WindowSwap, the ultimate resource for educators to spark global awareness and critical thinking in young minds.

Unlock the world for your students without leaving the library or classroom! Windows of the World is a comprehensive resource designed to engage students in meaningful global exploration. It offers a blend of interactive activities and structured prompts that encourage observation, critical thinking, and cultural awareness.

With Windows of the World, transform everyday lessons into captivating global journeys that educate and inspire. Give students the gift of seeing the world through a different lens, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and environments.


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With this resource, you’ll get:

  • Curated Activities: Step-by-step guides for immersive learning experiences, including Visual Memory Challenges, Human Barometer, Speed Chatting, and World Café discussions.
  • Engaging Prompts: Thought-provoking questions tailored to foster discussion, empathy, and comparative thinking as students view diverse global landscapes.
  • Editable Slides: 17 slides that introduce the activity purpose, prompt student thinking and curiosity. The slides also include links to 4 global window views!
  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions: Clear, concise directions to ensure smooth facilitation of activities, making it easy for librarians and educators to implement without extensive preparation.
  • Enhance Learning: Develop students’ observation skills, broaden their cultural perspectives, and inspire curiosity about the world beyond their immediate surroundings.


This activity addresses the following standards:


  • Describing their understanding of cultural relevancy and placement within the global learning community.
  • Contributing to discussions in which multiple viewpoints on a topic are expressed. 
  • Actively contributing to group discussions.


  • Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words.