NO PREP Plans for Any Picture Books


STOP SPENDING LARGE AMOUNTS OF TIME ON PLANS THAT SUBS WON’T USE AND STUDENTS WON’T LIKE. These NO PREP Sub Plans will leave subs and students happy without taking up loads of your prep time. Just print, organize and take a worry free day off!

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Simple and engaging sub plans are one of the most difficult and time consuming things to do. You don’t always know who will be subbing, you want to make sure students are engaged in meaningful work, and they continue to follow school and library expectations. 

Creating plans like these takes up valuable planning time that could be used to process books and create engaging lessons.These sub plans were created to:

  • Provide students with developmentally appropriate library media content.
  • Provide students with a similar routine when with a substitute teacher.
  • Have sub plans that are ready to go and require no prep.

After downloading these no prep sub plans, be prepared to hear subs exclaim how fun and easy it is for them to be in the library.

→ Download the preview to see what’s included and try a sample of the activity → students will draw their favorite part of the story.

Read more about engaging sub plans here!

This activity will keep students engaged in CCSS, AASL, and/or ISTE standards even in your absence!


After downloading the resource, you will receive:

2 no prep sub plan templates. One requires ZERO technology and the other does. Print out the plan you want to use, write in the name of the book & check off the activity that students will do.

⭐Editable Welcome sheet that you can leave in your sub plan folder. Type it up once and leave behind for any day you need to be absent!

⭐Editable Lesson Plans where you can type in your own Early Finishers and Book Titles.

11 printable activities that your students will love and that are great for diverse ages. Activities include retelling the story, identifying the moral, identifying the favorite part, choosing a favorite character, creating playlists, compare and contrast activity, and a board game.

The board game is a fun way to engage students in collaborative conversations about books they’ve read! Print it out and laminate for repeated use. This board game is awesome for 2-4 players that can read on their own!