Spine Label Order: Library Activities


Help students learn how to find the books they love on the library shelves. They’ll be able to use the alphabet, spine labels, and authors’ last names to be independent library patrons.  


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Finding a book you want in a library is a necessary skill to being an independent library patron. Libraries have books organized alphabetically, by an author’s last name, even if the library is genrefied. Students need to be able to: 

  • Quickly read an end cap to determine if the book they want is in that aisle.
  • Read a spine label to find the specific author they’re looking for. 
  • Know approximately where in the alphabetical order that author’s name will be in the stacks.

As school librarians it’s important for our students to independently find books. For young students to do this, they need to practice alphabetical order. They need to know that books are organized by an author’s last name, what letter that begins with, and how to use library signage to locate it. 

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AFTER downloading this resource you’ll get:

Station signs for every activity. They are available to print in portrait or landscape mode so that you can put them in an acrylic sign holder or sheet protector. You can even laminate them and place them in a table top sign holder.

⭐6 spine label activities that help children practice alphabetizing and locating books in the library. These are great to use over a couple of library classes. Give students a choice or have them rotate through the activities.

Easily differentiate for your students by choosing activities that meet different levels of familiarity with the alphabet, reading, and or writing.

Activities include: 

Spine Label Draw: Students draw letter cards and find a book that has those letters on the spine label. 

Author Match: Students identify the first 3 letters of the author’s last name. Then they can go find them on the shelves.

Author ABCs: Students walk around the library to find authors on the shelf that begin with a letter. Then they write the names.

Favorite Author Sort: Students draw 3 spine labels and put them in alphabetical order.

→ QR Code activity to play a shelving game online.

🖥️Self – correcting Spine Label Game. Students read an author’s name and identify where they’d find it on the shelves. If they click the correct letter they are moved to the next slide. If they choose incorrectly, they’ll be given a hint and a chance to try again.