Library Skills Songs


Help students learn library routines, skills, and concepts through music! Elementary children can struggle to keep all of the specials’ expectations straight. These cute and corny songs help them remember routines and skills that are library specific.


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Librarians and media specialists – elevate your library’s educational experience for young learners with this free resource, brimming with engaging Library Skills Songs.

Unlock the power of music to make library routines, skills, and concepts a breeze for elementary children. These charming and catchy songs are designed to help students effortlessly remember and embrace the specific routines and skills unique to the library setting.

Empower the next generation of readers and learners by incorporating these delightful songs into your library sessions. Watch as your students eagerly line up, turn the pages of books, and master new coding skills with enthusiasm and joy. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your library’s educational impact. Download our free resource today!

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AFTER downloading this resource you’ll get 12 songs to use in the library!

Learner Led Libraries → empowering students to be independent in the library media center

Circle Up → helps young children calmly and safely create a circle to sit

Stair Care → helps young children safely walk down stairs; perfect for libraries with multiple floors!

Open Shut → teaches young children how to care for books

Hug Your Book → teaches young children how to carry books

Corner Corner Side → teaches young children how to turn pages so they don’t rip

Engineering & Design → outlines the engineering & design process

What is Code → defines coding

Coders, Code → puts students in a mindset to code and outlines a few coding skills

Debug → helps students engage in debugging

Augmented Reality → defines augmented reality