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Teacher Tools to Support Students Behaviors!


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Students’ behavior is a frequent stressor for educators. Whether students are disruptive, defiant, disengaged it can be a challenge to know exactly how to respond. This packet of resources included strategies & processes to help educators support students in any grade. 

After downloading this resource you will receive strategies for students to de-escalate, maintain calm, and guide students to replace disruptive behaviors. 

💜 You will love how your library culture and student behaviors change because of your responses. The posters are awesome to keep on a clipboard or other highly visible place. While the key fobs are a perfect option for sharing with the entire staff.

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AFTER downloading this resource you’ll get:

Restorative Actions menu for misused class time or lost items

Restorative Questions Guide

Restorative Circle Process Guide

Deescalation Guide

How to Turn Defiant Behavior into Cooperative 

KEY FOBS for each included poster. These were designed to print out for multiple staff members. Print, Laminate, hole punch, and pop onto a binder ring.

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