Rich Research Questions With Siri


Use Siri™ to teach students how to craft HOT research questions! 



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Do you wish your students were researching with purpose? Are you struggling to teach them how to write solid research questions that require them to do actual research?

My second graders were struggling to come up with research questions and were even struggling to develop a question instead of a statement.  This lesson has helped tremendously! The bonus is that the first part of the slideshow can be used with younger students to introduce them to the concept of using Siri™ to work efficiently with technology.

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This lesson will give you:

  • Standards Based lesson chock full of inquiry, interaction, collaboration, critical thinking!
  • Loads of teacher choice; giving you the opportunity to make decisions about the lesson based on your students’ needs and strengths.
  • Two versions of the Slide-show that can be used as an eBook, teacher paced, or student paced (uploaded to your learning management system).
  • Note-Taking Sheets
  • Posters / Student Handouts
  • Answer Key Included!
  • Interactive Learning Structure