Snow Globe Wishes: #bookstagram Book Review

Snow Globe Wishes

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Snow Globe Wishes is such a beautiful book.

This is another book that I enjoyed on Hoopla through my public library. This one was a read along.

Which means I got to enjoy the incredibly beautiful illustrations by Claire Shorrock.

Her illustrations reminded me a bit of Saturday Evening Post. And a bit of that feel you get with the Whos in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

The rhythm of Erin Dealey’s verse is just flows so well. Much like the perfect snowy day. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised at where the book ended. It was a bit of a twist from the beginning where everyone goes out to play.

Which brings me to the message. Don’t we all need to spend more time outside? With others? Having fun? Being kind? Enjoying nature?

Of course we do! And this book does a great job encouraging us to do just that!

Teaching Ideas for Snow Globe Wishes

This is the perfect book to have kids think about how they spend their days. Especially those coveted snow days.

Students could easily reflect on how they join with friends, family, and neighbors when nature presents us with a surprise.

They could also design what their perfect snowy day is. Even better…have them write a coding sequence for it! Or even use Scratch, Scratch Jr, or Elementari to program an animated version!

And if you have the materials for it, they could make their own snow globe that depicts this perfect snowy day. I’d have to tap into my awesome art teacher colleague for that!