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Are you preparing for maternity leave, retirement, or helping a new librarian transition to the library? There is so much an incoming Librarian or Library Media Specialist needs to know to successfully transition into the role. 

While it’s important for everyone to make the role their own, there are necessary components that make a new librarian or long term sub feel well taken care of. This editable digital notebook is the perfect resource to support an incoming Long Term Substitute Teacher or your permanent replacement. 

Why a digital notebook? To save paper! It also allows an incoming librarian to access the information from anywhere. They don’t need to lug around a big old binder. They just need their phone or tablet. 

👉🏼 To download the materials be sure to click the link and then click the download arrow in the upper right hand corner. This will save the files to your computer.

👉🏼 This resource includes links to digital resources. Click the link to get your own copies. 

👉🏼 This notebook is made with Google Slides™. You need a Google Account to access and edit this resource. 


After downloading this resource you will receive an editable digital notebook to help a new librarian transition into their role. This resource includes 6 sections that are live-linked to each section. The sections include:

Go-To People: This is where you get to share who the long term substitute teacher or new librarian can count on for purchasing, technical support, and more!

Databases & Logins: This is the perfect space to share any login information they may need to access important accounts. It’s also a great way to share any available databases or platforms so they can plan their own engaging lessons.

Circulation: Share which grades are borrowing books, procedures for borrowing books, and more! 

Collection: Help the new librarian know where and how books are organized. Do you have any books genrefied? How are series organized? Any information that will help them get to know the collection!

Space: Libraries are such a unique space and many come with challenges. What are some things that will make the librarian be successful in that space? Are there blindspots, sensory concerns, special outlets, etc. that will help the librarian prepare? 

Curriculum: What curriculum is typically taught at the school? Provide any helpful resources to make their job that much easier.

Special Events: Share any school wide events that typically occurs. Include library and literacy specific events that may be a focus in the school or the library typically facilitates.

This resource also includes:

  • Multiple pages with different layouts for each section. All page text is editable.
  • Directions and Video tutorials to help you edit, publish, and share your digital notebook. 
  • Printable sheet to share a QR Code to your digital notebook. This is great for when you will be unable to help the long term substitute teacher or replacement in person.