Collaborative Learning Strategies


Master collaborative learning strategies and group work hacks with our resource for elementary educators. Elevate learning today!

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Are you looking to increase engagement and calm during cooperative learning? Look no further! This resource is the ultimate solution to mastering collaborative learning strategies and provides group work hacks for you to implement right away!

Inside, you’ll find expert guidance on defining collaborative learning, understanding developmental characteristics for success, delivering crystal-clear directions, identifying skill gaps, and implementing tips and tricks to teach essential skills.

With these resources in hand, you’ll create a calm and engaging environment that will leave both you and your students excited about learning. This transformative tool will revolutionize your teaching and inspire your young learners. Get ready to unlock the full potential of collaborative learning easily!

Download this resource today and revolutionize your teaching with collaborative learning, ensuring engaged and thriving students!


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AFTER downloading this resource you’ll get:

4 Collaborative Learning, or Group Work, Hacks

Explanation of why to even bother with collaborative learning

Developmental characteristics of students from ages 4-12 to help you identify developmental strengths and areas of needs that impact cooperative learning

Tips & tricks for delivering directions in a clear and concise manner that makes learning run smoothly

Directions planning sheet to help you quickly master this critical teaching skill

Checklist to identify and prioritize skill gaps

Strategies to explicitly teach skills necessary for successful group work

Planning sheet to help you quickly teach interpersonal skills that are necessary for successful group work

Alternative strategies to help students make group decisions