Women’s History Month Lesson for Elementary Libraries


With its standards-based lesson, curated book suggestions, engaging graphic organizers, and creative activities, this resource simplifies planning and enriches the learning experience. It’s an essential tool for fostering a love of reading and promoting inclusivity in your library.

→ Download the preview to see what’s included and peek at examples of the activities! 

Products Included in this Bundle:


Empower your Women’s History Month lesson planning with an engaging no-prep resource. Say goodbye to hours spent researching and preparing materials. Say hello to materials that are a one-stop solution for librarians and media specialists who need a quick and easy lesson that also supports research and critical thinking skills. Celebrate remarkable women’s achievements, contributions, and resilience.

Transform your Women’s History Month lessons into an engaging and structured library experience. The standards-based lesson plan seamlessly adapts to any picture book celebrating women’s history. This versatile packet provides a curated list of suggested picture books but also includes four thoughtfully crafted graphic organizers. These organizers incorporate a 3-2-1 chart, retelling, timeline, and a section to distinguish important versus interesting facts.

Boost students’ critical thinking skills with two additional activities that encourage them to generate interview questions. In addition, they can create a bookshelf using the library catalog. Effortlessly infuse excitement into your Women’s History Month curriculum while fostering a deeper understanding of women’s impact throughout history.


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AFTER downloading this resource you’ll get:

  • A standards-based lesson, and printables, that can be used with any picture book that celebrates Women’s History
  • Suggested picture books to read aloud
  • 4 graphic organizers that include a 3-2-1 chart, retelling, timeline, important vs. interesting facts
  • 2 activities that support critical thinking beyond the text, including a sheet for learners to generate interview questions, and create a bookshelf for the woman using the library catalog
  • 4 coloring sheets that can also be cut into bookmarks. 


This activity addresses the following standards:


  • Formulating questions about a personal interest or a curricular topic.


  • Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.