Elementary Library Scope and Sequence


The PreK – 6 Library Scope & Sequence is a comprehensive guide that breaks down what to teach week-by-week. This invaluable resource outlines the curriculum for PreKindergarten through 6th Grade, ensuring you never scramble for ideas.

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Crafting a robust Library Media curriculum requires time, patience, and experimentation. Within this Scope and Sequence, you’ll find detailed guidance on when and what to teach students, covering essential areas such as research, digital citizenship, coding, library skills, design, and computer science.

The document highlights the skills students will acquire each year, illustrating how each grade builds upon the previous one. Furthermore, it offers recommendations on when to cover specific content areas throughout the school year for each grade level.

Better still is that it is completely editable! That means you can copy, cut, and paste to the curriculum around the map to suit your calendar and curriculum needs. 

After downloading this scope and sequence you will receive a spreadsheet outlining a year’s curriculum for all grade levels.

💜 You are going to love how easy it is to plan out your school year, match books to learning outcomes, and meet the needs of diverse learners.

This activity addresses ISTE, AASL, CSTA, and CCSS standards. 


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Lisa says, “Our library team had started a scope and sequence years and years ago and it never got finished.  I needed one to help me make some decisions this year and yours was very helpful.  Thank you so much.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Thank you for creating this tool.  It’s been very helpful in my planning of lessons.”

👉🏼 This resource does not include complete lesson plans. If I have specific lessons or complete units for any of the content in the Scope and Sequence, they are linked on each grade level’s week-by-week guides. 

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👉🏼 This resource is created with Google Sheets. After purchasing, you will need to click on the included links. You will be forced to make a copy, and then can edit the pages to meet your needs.

👉🏼 This is a living document. It is updated as more and more activities and resources are created.

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This resource includes: 

🖥️ Spreadsheet that outlines and entire school year curriculum for PreK – 6. Showing what is taught for each grade and during which months.

🖥️ Spreadsheets for the entire school year for each included content/skill area. It includes essential questions and goals for each grade level. This shows you what each grade level will learn in a particular content area and what time of year it is taught: Library, Research, Digital Citizenship, Computer Science, Digital Design, and Coding Skills. 

🖥️ Breakdown for each grade level for an entire school year. You will see what is taught, week-by-week for each grade, beginning with PreKindergarten and ending with Grade 6. Each grade level has its own tab so you can see a complete breakdown of focus lessons.

🖥️ Many lessons include suggested read alouds

🖥️ Slideshow that explains the developmental characteristics of elementary students. This gives you an idea of why I chose specific content and focus areas. It also gives you important information to help students be successful learners in the Library Media Center.