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Elevate your book fair with these engaging book fair activities, ensuring a balanced and inclusive experience for all students and librarians alike.

The digital activities included require the download of these free apps to student devices: Canva, ChatterPix Kids, 3DBear, Goosechase, PicCollage EDU.

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Are you an elementary librarian seeking to make your book fair more inclusive and captivating for all students? You understand the importance of creating an environment where every child can participate in the excitement of the book fair without feeling left out. These specially curated book fair activities are designed to keep things calm, purposeful, and equitable.

 Promoting Equitable Engagement – Not every student can purchase books at the fair, and traditional wish lists may disengage those who won’t be making purchases. The solution? Transform your book fair into an inclusive event where all students can participate actively.

Balanced Browsing – Looking for ways to maintain a balanced browsing experience during your book fair? These book fair activities are the answer. They allow students to explore the fair with purpose, regardless of their purchasing plans.

Ideal for Library Media Classes – If you’re unsure about how to maximize the use of your scheduled Library Media classes during the book fair, these book fair activities provide the perfect alternative. They turn library time into an educational adventure that complements the book fair experience.

Discover how these book fair activities can revolutionize your library and create an engaging, equitable, and purposeful atmosphere for all your students. Make your next book fair a memorable learning journey that fosters a love for books and reading in every child.

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These activities include:
  • Standards Based activities
  • Student choice, inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration
  • 6 Book Fair Activities 
  • 5 Book Fair Task Card Sets
  • 5 Ways to Embed Media Literacy during the Book Fair
  • Digital and paper scavenger hunts